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What's Your 3am Thought?

Does waking up in the middle of the night with a stressful thought on repeat, sound familiar? As you try to fall back asleep and “deal with it tomorrow” you can’t help but worry. Worrying for hours about that thing, that one thing that keeps you up at night.

That’s what I call the 3 am thought.

Those thoughts cost you a lot. Left unchecked, these stressful thoughts can affect your relationships, career, finances, sense of well-being, and, ultimately your health. I can help you.

Together we transmute stress, overwhelm, and chaos into awareness, action, and desired results.

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Hey, Hi, Hello!

I am Terry-Lynn and I help people access their calm, sleep better, and handle anxious thoughts through group yoga/meditation classes. I also work one-to-one using yoga therapy to support folks who are feeling stuck with issues that are not usually addressed in a group class. Creating intentional and actionable steps to help people move forward in an easeful way to create the beautiful life they were meant to live is my JAM.

What does being stuck mean?

Here are some definitions. See if any resonate: 


  • To be fixed in a particular position or unable to move or be moved

  • Be unable to progress with a task of having the answer or solution to something

  • Remain in a static condition

  • Fail to progress

  • Be or become fixed or jammed in one place as a result of an obstruction

  • Become immobilized

  • Become unable to move

  • Get bogged down

  • Be unable to progress with a task or find the answer or solution to something

  • Remain in a static condition; fail to progress

What does being stuck look like?

In life (speaking from my own experience) this can look like:

  • Working at a job that is taking more than it is giving and knowing you want to be doing something else

  • Relationships that are no longer working or even causing harm

  • Health is not vibrant, feeling dull, and the motivation to do something about it is nowhere to be found

  • Fear of aging (and ultimately death) - feeling like it is all over for you now

  • Finances - cannot seem to make the money or keep the money or use it with skill to optimize for your happiness

  • Caring for others and having no time, energy, or will to care for yourself

  • Unhealthy coping habits to meet stress and overwhelm (wine, weed, shopping, scrolling to name just a few…)

  • The feeling of apathy, what’s the point or why bother?

  • Anxious thinking that wakes you up at 3 am and steals your peace and rest

These are some of the "stucknesses," that can wake and keep you up at night, that I have helped people with and personally experienced over the years. I have been here and I have so much compassion for those that are here now. And I also have so much excitement because I am not here anymore and you do not have to stay here either.

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Here I am in one of my fave places: my nettle patch

I am not saying that I do not get stuck these days. Of course, I absolutely do. The difference is that when I get stuck now, I know EXACTLY what to do. I even come to a place of gratitude for the stuck places as there is so much information about where it is I would RATHER be. I can get myself from Point A (current stuck place) to Point B (desired results) and have helped MANY others do the same. 


Before I arrived at this place of knowing what to do, I searched and read books and took courses and certifications and listened to podcasts and did therapy, and got (and still receive) coaching. I have invested in a LOT of training including a master's in education, yoga therapy certification, and many other amazing courses and certifications (this does NOT include the books in my library I have purchased and read) learning over the past decade to find the answers I needed to live the beautiful life I live now. I know from experience that I am able to help you get the results you want. You need. To get you moving forward to the beautiful life you long to live. 


Here is the thing. I LOVE this stuff. I love to do the reading and to take the courses and get the certifications and listen to the podcasts and learn from the thought leaders of our times. I would do this anyway, for free. On any given day, you can see that my favourite genre of books to read - and I am a ferocious reader - are all on the topic of human development. 


I am able to distill this information down into an INDIVIDUALIZED, custom PLAN OF ACTION for you so that you DON’T have to read all the things and take all the courses and listen to all the podcasts and get all the certifications. This is my superpower and it will get you the results you want, need and desire.

My training as an educator  (I also have a Master’s degree in education - there is that love for learning again:) required me to meet each learner exactly where they were and help us both understand what next steps were required to get them where they needed to go. This experience has been INVALUABLE as I guide adults. Your problems are not unicorn problems. All humans get stuck. Your plan for CLARITY and ACTION will be unique to you and your situation and this is where I SHINE. We will get you moving again. We will get you the results you think are not possible. And the best part: you will know how to do this for yourself when you find yourself in a sticky situation. The tools will be yours. Forever.

I know the frustration, stress, and overwhelm of being stuck. I know that feeling of wanting to create a beautiful and vibrantly healthy life and not knowing how to even start or if it is even possible. 

You can absolutely learn to navigate life’s ups and downs and even its’ harshest moments with CLARITY, INTENTIONAL ACTION, and MOTION  to keep you moving forward to living the life you dreamed of. 

Together, we can get you there. 

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